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Blister Packaging


How many times have you asked yourself "Did I take my medication today?". Blister packaging is a free service offered to our patients to ensure you are taking the right medication at the right time. Your medication is pre-packaged by day, time and dosage to reduce the amount of stress involved in prescription regimens.




In-Home Consultations


Interested in a personalized treatment plan? Call us today and schedule a private in-home consultation with a friendly and knowledgeable staff member today! During your consultation, we will review your current medication and attentively plan a treatment regime to fit your needs and overall well-being.  




Senior Living Communities  


For residents of senior living facilities/communities, we offer convenient services right to your room.  Our blister packaging allows your medications to be easily prepackaged into disposable cards reducing the burden of remembering when to take your medications.  Each resident will receive personalized care through in-home visits with a pharmacist.  All medications will be delivered to you free of charge without ever having to leave the convenience of your home.   

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Doctor and Patient
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